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Diesel mechanic performing RV repair services in Winder, GA

MotorHome & RV Collision & Body Repair Services in Winder, GA

In Winder, GA, Big Rig Body Shop understands that collisions are more than just cosmetic damage, they can impact your vehicle’s operations. Our collision repair services for MotorHomes and RVs are designed to restore your vehicle to its original condition, ensuring heavy-duty safety and reliability.

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RV Collision & Body Repair

RV collision and body repair require specialized attention due to their unique design and construction. Our team is skilled in addressing the intricate structures of RVs, ensuring repairs are not only cosmetic but also restore the vehicle's structural integrity. We focus on matching original designs and materials, guaranteeing a seamless restoration. Our repair process also includes a thorough inspection to identify any hidden damage, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable fix.

MotorHome Collision & Body Repair

Big Rig Body Shop understands the complexities involved in repairing MotorHome collisions. Our team is adept at handling extensive body damage, ensuring repairs are in line with the vehicle's original structural design. We use high-quality materials and techniques to restore MotorHomes, focusing on both aesthetic and functional rejuvenation, while ensuring all repairs meet the highest safety standards.

Structural Body Work: Structural bodywork is crucial in maintaining the safety and integrity of your RV or MotorHome. Our team specializes in reinforcing and repairing the core framework, ensuring your vehicle remains sturdy and roadworthy.

Patching: Patching is an essential aspect of collision repair, especially for minor damages. Our precise patching techniques seamlessly blend with the original structure, ensuring a flawless finish while maintaining the vehicle’s integrity.

Corrosion Repair: Corrosion repair is vital to prolong the life of your RV or MotorHome. We meticulously remove rust and apply advanced treatments to prevent future corrosion, thereby preserving your vehicle’s strength and durability.

Areas We Service

Located in Winder, GA, Big Rig Body Repair offers specialized heavy-duty truck collision repair services across multiple areas. We proudly serve even the bustling communities of Auburn, Dacula, and Braselton. In addition, our skilled mechanics extend their comprehensive collision repair solutions for the vibrant areas of Statham, Monroe, and Lawrenceville. We also cover the city of Jefferson, ensuring that quality repair services are accessible in these key locations. Our commitment at Big Rig Body Repair is to be your trusted partner for all heavy-duty truck repair needs in Winder, GA.

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Are you ready to restore the strength and beauty of your MotorHome or RV? Big Rig Body Shop expert mechanics specialize in collision and body repairs that go beyond surface fixes. From minor patching to major structural repairs, we ensure your vehicle is road-ready and resilient. Contact us today for unparalleled craftsmanship and care. Your vehicle deserves nothing less.

Our body Work & Collision Repair Services

Our skilled diesel mechanics are dedicated to restoring your truck to its pristine condition, whether it's minor dings, scratches, or major collision repairs. Beyond the repairs, our customer-centric approach ensures a stress-free experience. We navigate the complexities of insurance claims, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Diesel mechanic performing collision repair of a semi truck in Winder, GA

Heavy Truck

Collision Repair

Diesel mechanic performing bus collision & Body Services in Winder, GA

Bus Collision

& Body Repair

Aluminum Polishing

Diesel mechanic performing Trailer collision & body repair in Winder, GA

Trailer Collision

& Body Repair

Diesel mechanic performing RV repair services in Winder, GA

MotorHome & RV

Collision & Body Repair

Diesel mechanic performing box truck repair services in Winder, GA

Box Truck

Body Repair

Diesel mechanic performing Custom truck painting in Winder, GA

Custom Truck Painting

& Color Matching

Diesel mechanic performing fleet services in Winder, GA



Diesel mechanic performing Insurance claim services in Winder, GA



Diesel mechanic performing liftgate repair services in Winder, GA



Diesel mechanic performing rollup door repair in Winder, GA


Door Repairs

Diesel mechanic performing truck door collision in Winder, GA

Truck Doors, Bumpers, Hoods

& Fender Collision Repair

Diesel mechanic performing truck panel replacement services in Winder, GA

Truck Panel


Diesel mechanic performing welding and fabrication services in Winder, GA

Truck Welding

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Come in to see us at our shop in Winder, Georgia and let us assess your vehicle's needs – our friendly staff will guide you through the process, providing transparent insights and a detailed plan tailored to your vehicle's requirements. Specializing in a range of body shop & collision repair services from panel replacement to hoods and fenders, and handling complex wrecks with insurance claims, we cater to your needs. Our approach is holistic; we see the truck as a vital part of your business and treat every repair with the attention and expertise it deserves. Whether you're facing a minor dent or a major collision aftermath, our skilled mechanics are equipped to handle it all with precision and care. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and at Big Rig Body Shop, we redefine what excellence means in big rig repair!